Named Accountable GP for Patients

The government contractually requires practices to provide all registered NHS patients with a named accountable GP with overall responsibility for the delivery of their care and support. Your assigned named accountable GP is your usual GP, or the GP who is currently dealing with your condition.

Should the need arise, your named accountable GP may delegate some temporary responsibility to the emergency or on call GP. If you do not have a usual GP, and you are not currently seeing a GP for anything, then your named GP is your registered GP whose name can be found on your NHS medical card.

It is always preferable to maintain continuity with the GP who has been looking after you for a particular condition, especially if that GP has an expertise in that area. This does not prevent you from seeing any GP in the practice. Therefore you can still choose which GP you would like to see regularly, who will then become your named accountable GP.

Due to annual leave, sickness, part-time working, and other commitments your named GP or a particular GP may not always be available, especially at short notice. Therefore, as always, we offer a variety of same day and urgent appointments with an on call GP who will take temporary responsibility for your needs.

We apologise if this may seem rather complicated or confusing, and we are doing our best to keep you informed about it.